The transition from the military into a maritime career for veterans can be a rewarding experience. The maritime industry provides family-wage jobs and an opportunity to continue serving our nation in a new and dynamic capacity.

In most cases, your experience in the armed services compliments the training that you would ordinarily receive as part of our training programs for veterans in maritime positions. Start your Career Application today and we will help you leverage your experience into a new career as a Merchant Mariner!

Skillbridge Opportunities for Current Military

For active duty people interested in a maritime career we are a Skillbridge approved program. The training takes place at our school in Piney Point, Md. There are opportunities in the Deck,Engine, And Steward Departments. Please call 301-994-0010, Ext. 5317 to discuss career opportunities.

Our Program is VA (Veterans Administration) Approved

If you are thinking of transitioning to a merchant mariner after military service, it is highly recommended that you begin accumulating a record of all your training while still in service, if you did not do so from the start of your military career. As part of the credentialing process, the following documents should be organized as part of a veteran’s military record and readily available to include in the licensing and credentialing application process. (Another excellent resource is OSD’s “Mil-2-Mariner Eligibility Tool,” available HERE.)

Navy: History of Assignments (HOA) and / or Coast Guard: Transcript of Sea Service (TOSS)

Summary of Military Records

Can I use my Vet benefits?

  • Yes, but you will need your Certificate of Eligibility.

How much time with the military will transfer over?

  • At least 2 years in Engine or Deck approved ratings. The USCG will approve the use of 60% of military sea service and apply it to obtain a USCG endorsement of Able Seafarer Deck or FOWT with no recency requirement.

What ratings qualify for the Veterans Program?

Culinary Specialist – Previous U.S. military experience in Culinary (Pay grade E-6 or above with at least one Culinary tour of not less than 24 months in a Lead Foodservice Production Capacity. As a candidate, your U.S. military service must have been within five years. Candidates may exceed this five-year requirement if they have been continuously employed in a food service capacity.

Maritime Careers for Veterans: Deck

  • Bosn Mate (BM)
  • Operation Specialist (OS)
  • Seaman (S)
  • Gunners Mate (GM)
  • Quartermaster (QM)
  • Damage Controlman (DC)
  • Any officer of the Navigational Watch

Maritime Careers for Veterans: Engine

  • Machinists Mate (MM)
  • Boilerman (BT)
  • Electrician Mate (EM) / Engineman (EN)
  • Hull Technician (HT)
  • Machinery Repairman (MR)
  • Gas Turbine Electrician (GSE) / Gas Turbine Mechanic (GSM)
  • Any officer of the Engineering Watch


Job Opportunities

Chief Cook Culinary Specialist

The Chief Cook is responsible for overseeing the general operation of the galley; utilizing Healthy…
Job Opportunities

Engineering Fireman/Oiler and Watertender (FOWT)

The Engineering Fireman/Oiler and Watertender (FOWT) is responsible for standing engineering watches. This includes but…
Job Opportunities

Able Seaman: Deck Department

Able Seaman (M) will work as a watch stander or day worker in the Deck…

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