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Job Training & Career Advancement
for a Lifetime at Sea

Our Apprentice Program in Piney Point, Maryland is the largest and most unique training program for entry-level mariners in North America. After completing our program, you’ll be ready to set sail toward a seafaring career! Best of all, tuition for the program is provided at no cost to you.

Additional Details:

The Apprentice Program opens the door to a wide variety of mariner jobs offered in the deck, engine, and steward departments of vessels. Coursework and training will focus on these three departments.

A college degree is not required to apply.

The Paul Hall Center campus is located on 60 acres of beautiful private waterfront property with classrooms, cooking labs, maritime museum, dormitory halls, laundry, and recreational facilities including a gym, pool and nautical themed bar on site.

Room and board is included and provided at no cost to you.

To be able to complete your training and work in the industry, you need to arrive in good physical shape and be able to lift 40 pound loads.

All coursework meets US Coast Guard requirements.