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Career Paths and Details

Discover a variety of tasks and roles within our three main departments: the deck, engine, and steward sectors. If you are an entry-level mariner, consider the Apprentice Program to learn valuable skills from every position on a ship.

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Maritime Careers for Veterans

Immediate Martine Career Opportunitities for Veterans


Oversee deck duties such as navigating, watchstanding, inspecting, cargo organizing, and lifeboat launching.

Engine Department

Manage the maintenance, systems, and internal machinery of the ship.

Steward Department

Cook quality meals for the crew and coordinate all the culinary supplies.

Medical Department

Use your medical experience to start a new career at sea.

Apprenticeship Program

Study at our first-class seafarers training facility and learn new skills.

Find Your Job on the Open Sea

Based on your skills and interests, the perfect job is waiting for you in our careers portal. Our dashboard features job roles in all the major areas of operations (Deck, Engine, and Steward departments) for commercial, military, and passenger vessels.


3 Simple Steps

Get started by signing up for your free account through the My Maritime Careers portal. Here you can explore career opportunities on one simple dashboard, start or continue your application, and connect with our team of professional recruiters to find the right opportunity.

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