Deck Department

Deck department members help to navigate the ship and manage operations and maintenance tasks. In order to qualify immediately for Deck positions, you must have a U.S. Merchant Mariners Credential. Basic Safety Training is required, along with VPDSD, Endorsed as RFPNW, Able Seafarer Deck. A U.S. Passport, an SIU Physical and drug test which can be obtained through an SIU Hiring Hall. Upon completion, you will be assigned to a vessel.

Duties as a member of the Deck Department can include:

Watchstander & Navigation

As a Watchstander, you will stand wheel, anchor, and gangway watches as directed, maintaining alertness at all times. During a wheel watch, you must maintain a steady course, properly execute all rudder orders and communicate utilizing navigational terms relating to heading and steering.

Maintenance & Day Work

As a day worker, you will perform general maintenance, repair, sanitation and upkeep of material, equipment, and areas in the Deck Department. Maintenance tasks include chipping, scraping, soundings, priming, painting or cleaning the ship's hull, decks, superstructure, cargo gear, smoke stack, lifeboats, rescue boats and/or life rafts, and emergency and damage control gear.

Emergency Equipment & Operations

Knowing the location and use of emergency equipment, lifesaving equipment, damage control equipment, and safety equipment. Perform all operations connected with the launching of life saving equipment, as well as make security inspections of the ships.

Everything described above is considered to be an essential function of these positions, and members of the Deck Department must also be ready to perform other duties as assigned.

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